A Brief History Of Golf Sport

A Brief History Of Golf Sport

Golf is sport that emerged as one of the earliest forms of sport’s competitions. The beauty of this sport lies in the casual playing style, breathtaking terrains and the luxury that goes along with it. The key thing in this sport is getting the lowest number of strokes by a player, although there are several other formats of playing as well. However, this one is the most popular format of playing and it is played all around the world. The terrains usually have the same rules, although each terrain is unique and specific, and it may happen that it contains “traps” like rocks, water or sand areas. So how the whole matter and concept of sport evolved in something like this?

The beginnings start in Caesar’s age

The early concept of the game was pretty much different from the game we know today. For example, in the Julius Caesar’s era, the game was played with a branch or tree that resembled to what we today recognize as the golf club. The rules were similar, as the goals was to throw the small ball into the hole. The different terrains has different settings and therefore, the competitions did exist at that time also.  Later on, the game was introduced to King James II of Scotland. However, he banned the game as it was distracting people from attending the military service and therefore had a bad influence on people.

The English and American era

Golf-in-the-pastAt the beginning of the 17tth century, the game came to England. Some years later, particularly in 1860, the first tournament was hosted and the rules were similar to the ones that are recognized and acknowledged today. The sport quickly became popular throughout the whole country and it gained its target group. At that time, the sport also landed on the shores of the USA and Canada. In 1873, Canada launched the first golf club under the name of Canada’s Royal Montreal Club. The concept of the sport attracted many social classes and people, but mainly stayed popular within the royal and high classes. Not so long after the launching if this first Canada’s golf club, the first terrain with 18 holes was built in Chicago, IL.

The modern times

At the beginning of the 20th century, this discipline attracted so many people and the competitions were held all around the world. The first Professional Golf Association of America was born in 1916. At that time, the association accepted both professional and amateur players and all the competitions supported people to enroll for the playing. Not so long, each competition became open to the public, as the earlier ones were not open for visitors and spectators. Then, the association decided to ban amateur players from participating in the world championships since these events had become professional events, where only skilled players could attend and compete.

After the 1980s, it was evident that this sport entered the stage. The once known Professional Golf Association of America changed its name to Tournament Players Association and then again to Professional Golfers Association. Once that happened, golf attracted even more people, brands and marketing that established this sport as equal to all other ones.