How To Become A Better Golf Player?

How To Become A Better Golf Player?

Like in any sport, being a good player requires a lot of practice and learning. As this discipline became a worldwide sport, you can find a lot of different theories and practices on being a good player. Of course, it is of utmost importance to work with the certified and trained coaches and that is not questionable at all. Still, there are some things you can do on your own, especially when we are speaking about the swing. The swing is maybe the most important part in golfing and rookie players always have a problem with it.

Use the power of arms

Golf-playersUnlike many theories that say that you use the power of body for long and precise shots, you need to have a lot of power in your hands to pull out the good swing. The turning movements could cause a “slice”, which marks the weak shot, so your body should stay “fixed” while the power comes from your arms. Of course, you will use your body as the additional support and a form of anchor to stay on the ground, but you generally need to focus on your hands and arms. The point is to utilize the maximum power of swinging your arms, while using body just to “keep in place” that power.

A short backswing

A lot of golfers confirmed that a shorter backswing leads to the stronger, even more precise hits. The shorter backswing simply conditions the golfers to play more relaxed, which leads to more precise shots. If you add to that a slight bending of the arm that you do not use for the club grip, you will remove, or at least reduce, the effect of inertia. This simple trick can mean the difference between success and failure, so make sure you practice a shorter backswing.

Choose the most appropriate grip

GripThe first thing you learn before swinging is the grip. The grip is very important, as everything depends on it. First of all, you must find a grip that allows you to perform a quick swing that is precise. Once you do that, then find the most comfortable one. Note that a coach could suggest the opposite one that is not suitable for you, so make sure you practice several ones, before you find the most comfortable one. A thick grip is always a good one, as it boosts your power, speed and the distance.

The posture

The three most important facts for being a good player in this sport are grip, stance and posture. You must learn how to stand and keep your body static. This is something that you must practice before you learn the proper posture and stance. Not all players have the same ones, as we all are different. Therefore, after the coach starts insisting on using the one, try to use the other ones also, just to see if there is one that works out best for you. And of course, be patient, as you will look funny in the beginning, especially if you had never played this sport!

Are You New To Golf? Here Is What You Need To Know

Are You New To Golf? Here Is What You Need To Know

Golf may seem very complicated sport to many people, as it has too much of rules, different clubs and you only know about the fancy buggys that you drive. As someone who has no experience in this sport at all, you should know that it is a complex sport, but with the right guidance and proper education, you should overcome all the obstacles and become a good player. Therefore, you can use this article to learn about the basic things you should know before you start with this sport.

Get familiar with the clubs

CLubsThe very first thing you should know is that these are very expensive! Still, this does not mean you should be able to afford one to yourself. Just do not buy the most expensive one as you are still a rookie and your skills will not be boosted by $7,000 worth club. Therefore, you can buy a cheap club to brush your imperfect skills and develop these. Your priority should be learning instead of buying so do not fall for the classic statement “I need to buy the professional equipment”. Why would you need professional equipment if you do not know how to use it?

Also, make sure you buy a couple of clubs just to have several spare ones. Not that you will break these often, but rather change them every once in a while. You can buy even used ones at discounts in some Clubs, so do the research and buy those that are not expensive too much. Do not forget to try these out, just to see if they fit to your hands.

Buy enough balls

ballsThis is often misunderstood, as people want to buy those that cost a lot, thinking these will fly on their own to the hole. Instead, do the research and find a set that is not too expensive. Buy a dozen of these, as you never know when you will lose one during your play. Those can be expensive as clubs as well, but never buy the expensive ones until you become the pro player. First of all, you will lose them and since you do not play professionally, it is likely that you will not be able to afford yourself a new set of ones. Of course, do not buy the cheapest ones, but rather some medium-quality ones that will last you a good amount of time.

Attend the classes and learn about the sport

Golf is a complex sport, involves a lot of rules and some part of physics and mathematics. It is a great thing to spend time with the more experienced colleagues and players, but you must learn the basics before you move on to more advanced things like posture, stance and grip. Always look for the certified coach who is the part of PGA so you could know you learn from the best. This is the only way that you will earn how to play this sport properly and professionally!

A Brief History Of Golf Sport

A Brief History Of Golf Sport

Golf is sport that emerged as one of the earliest forms of sport’s competitions. The beauty of this sport lies in the casual playing style, breathtaking terrains and the luxury that goes along with it. The key thing in this sport is getting the lowest number of strokes by a player, although there are several other formats of playing as well. However, this one is the most popular format of playing and it is played all around the world. The terrains usually have the same rules, although each terrain is unique and specific, and it may happen that it contains “traps” like rocks, water or sand areas. So how the whole matter and concept of sport evolved in something like this?

The beginnings start in Caesar’s age

The early concept of the game was pretty much different from the game we know today. For example, in the Julius Caesar’s era, the game was played with a branch or tree that resembled to what we today recognize as the golf club. The rules were similar, as the goals was to throw the small ball into the hole. The different terrains has different settings and therefore, the competitions did exist at that time also.  Later on, the game was introduced to King James II of Scotland. However, he banned the game as it was distracting people from attending the military service and therefore had a bad influence on people.

The English and American era

Golf-in-the-pastAt the beginning of the 17tth century, the game came to England. Some years later, particularly in 1860, the first tournament was hosted and the rules were similar to the ones that are recognized and acknowledged today. The sport quickly became popular throughout the whole country and it gained its target group. At that time, the sport also landed on the shores of the USA and Canada. In 1873, Canada launched the first golf club under the name of Canada’s Royal Montreal Club. The concept of the sport attracted many social classes and people, but mainly stayed popular within the royal and high classes. Not so long after the launching if this first Canada’s golf club, the first terrain with 18 holes was built in Chicago, IL.

The modern times

At the beginning of the 20th century, this discipline attracted so many people and the competitions were held all around the world. The first Professional Golf Association of America was born in 1916. At that time, the association accepted both professional and amateur players and all the competitions supported people to enroll for the playing. Not so long, each competition became open to the public, as the earlier ones were not open for visitors and spectators. Then, the association decided to ban amateur players from participating in the world championships since these events had become professional events, where only skilled players could attend and compete.

After the 1980s, it was evident that this sport entered the stage. The once known Professional Golf Association of America changed its name to Tournament Players Association and then again to Professional Golfers Association. Once that happened, golf attracted even more people, brands and marketing that established this sport as equal to all other ones.

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