The Best Golf Club Experience

Our website offers information about the club, the pricings, schedules and training courses where you can learn about this sport. You can arrange your golf sessions online, book an apartment for staying and organize a party for your friends and family, or even arrange your own tournament!

What We Can Offer You

Golf Shop

If you want to buy golf merchandise, you can browse our golf shop and find the clothing, equipment and a lots of other interesting things like memorable, collectibles and authentic apparel! If you get our club member card, you will receive 25% discount on all items!


Want to learn from professionals? No problem, you can enroll in our golf classes and participate in training sessions with the professionals! Every once in a while, we host some of the professional/retired golf players who help us in educating you!

Driving Range

Our arsenal of terrains gives you the opportunity to choose among several terrains! Each terrain is open at 7 AM, every day! All the ranges are well-light with the lights, so there is even possibility to play at night.

Learn Golf From Professionals

We offer the training sessions with the certified and professional golf players and coaches so you could learn from the best! The timetables for training sessions are fixed, although you can arrange your own session if the coaches are available for the desired data/time. You can choose the group trainings or 1 on 1 sessions, where you pick out the coach and work individually!

Play Golf At Night

Like many professional golf clubs, we also offer the night play. Instead of playing during the hot days when a lot of people come, you can schedule the night play and enjoy in playing when a small number of people is around you. All our terrains all were lit and utilize electric bulbs to provide lighting so players could see when playing!


Rent a buggy and enjoy in ride across the terrains! We offer all kinds of buggies, and your job is to pick out the one you like the most!

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